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How do I choose copiers?

A, choose brand: mainly from popularity, cost performance and after-sales service three choices. KYOCERA, SHARP, Xerox, and Canon are recognized as well-known copiers in the industry. And SHARP copiers are low-end, affordable, inexpensive, suitable for copying a small amount of users. KYOCERA copier is a cost-effective, durable type, suitable for large copies of users, the machine life is 3-5 times other brands, warranty period can be extended to 3 years. Xerox, Canon, and Ricoh are the end product, is also a well-known brand. Each brand has its own director.
B, select models: mainly from copying speed and function two aspects considered.
B1 and copy speed are the most important indexes to decide the working efficiency. The bigger the copy and the more functions, the higher the copying speed. Considering the development of the company, the amount of copying may become larger and larger, so it is generally equipped with models that are higher than the current copy quantity, so as to avoid being eliminated by the machine because it can not meet the requirement of copying. The average monthly copy is less than 3000 sheets, the choice is slower than 20 pages of speed, the monthly copy amount is 5-8000, the 20-30 page speed, the monthly dosage is higher than 10 thousand sheets, and the speed above 30 pages must be chosen. The amount used includes the total number of months used for photocopying, printing, and facsimile.
B2 and the current copier are multi-functional, such as electronic paging, network printing, scanning, fax, binding, feeder, double copy, multi carton and so on. Different models will be different functions, in the purchase according to their own needs, but also in the future when necessary to add functional components. In general, it can be used as a feeder and network printing function, which can greatly improve the utilization of the machine. If you have to copy a wide range of paper, you need to have more than one carton. But facsimile, scanning and binding components are all priced at higher prices without special needs.

What kind of home copiers, home copiers how to choose?

1. Classification of copiers
A, from the technical aspects are divided into: analog and digital copiers. Digital copiers have surpassed analog copiers in quality and quality, and have now fully replaced analog copiers. Most manufacturers no longer produce analog copiers.
B is divided into single function and multi-function compound machine from function. One of the major features of digital copiers is its powerful scalability. Single copy copiers have been gradually replaced by multi-function machines with printing, scanning, faxing, and network functions.
How to choose a home copier?
2, the meaning of copier performance indicators
A. copy format: the maximum width of a photocopy of a copier. At present, the copier biggest copy width is divided into A3 and A4 two kinds.
B. copy speed: refers to the number of copies of the “A4” manuscript per minute. Is the most important indicator of copier grade, the higher the speed, on behalf of the higher the machine, can withstand the amount of copy is also greater. For example, 16 copies of KYOCERA KM1635 are copied every month, with a maximum copy amount of 20 thousand copies per month, and 80 copies of KYOCERA KM5035 at the top of each month, up to 400 thousand copies per month. If the machine is often overloaded work, it is easy to damage the machine. The user shall select the copier at the corresponding speed according to the amount of copies.
C. memory: a memory used to store manuscript data, similar to computer memory. Digital copiers can scan more than one manuscript to memory, and then copy it together to improve efficiency. The greater the memory, the more the number of manuscripts you can store. KYOCERA KM8030 memory up to 40G.
D. container: a container for storing copy paper. Can store A4 to A3 format copy paper. The more the amount of paper carton is stored, but a box cannot simultaneously store two kinds of paper size, such as the frequent use of more than two kinds of paper size, there must be more than two boxes, or by hand feeding tray.
E. extension function means adding machine functionality by adding functional components. The digital copier has powerful function expansion ability, and can be expanded into two sided copier, network printer, scanner, facsimile machine, manual binding machine and so on.
F. warranty service: A3 format copier, usually 1 years door-to-door repair, 1 to 2 months home maintenance once, supplies and accessories are not covered by warranty. But Yi Jie company launched the copier “supplies all inclusive service”, all supplies and spare parts can be free warranty, up to 3 years

After a certain amount of copy is required, maintenance is also required.

For example, when copying to 3000, maintenance is required. Need to remove the waste toner pour waste toner box, will wipe into the machine, and then taking the electrode, electrode wire, wire and wipe the gate electrode holder, ensure the cleanliness of components.
At the same time, clean the bottom developper upper and lower guide board, separation roller, isolation belt, after cleaning the platen glass, ensure the cleanliness of components can effectively prolong the service life of the copier, and reduce the occurrence of fault.
When duplicating 10000 pieces, not only need to clean the above parts, but also take out the developing device, remove the dust board on the developer roll, and check the surface of the developing roller. If an exception is found, it needs to be addressed. Wipe the cardboard at the same time to ensure that there is no paper or sludge. After that, remove the fuser cover, replace the fixing cleaning felt and the upper and lower separating claws.
Clear fall in the toner and grease fixing the lower part of the lower surface to remove the Kaiyuan platen glass, clean. Remove the cartridge and wipe with lens paper. Because of the excessive deposition of waste toner in the machine, not only will affect the normal use, but also may lead to the burning of components, such a clean way just can solve the problem of excessive waste toner.
When 50000 copies are printed, a thorough cleaning is required, first of all, the scanner’s cleaning. If the scanner’s rail has too many stains, it is easy to increase scanning resistance, so the scanner should be cleaned and lubricated periodically. Remove the original table glass, clean the guide rail, and then add a small amount of lubricating oil to the asphalt on the guide rail to ensure its lubrication. The dust in the scanning area is then removed to ensure internal cleaning.

How does a copier repair several copier maintenance techniques?

How can the copier be repaired?
The first is all white or gray appeared to copy
Fault resolution: when this happens, the user is usually at a loss what to do. In fact, this is mainly due to the fact that the surface of the photosensitive drum of the copier is damp and lead to a white copy.
Solve this fault is actually very simple, just need to use the copier before the boot, preheat ten minutes or so, until the photosensitive drum after drying, you can solve the problem.
All white or gray appeared another reason may be because the copier work for a long time, causing the electrode wire or electrode on the base of waste toner accumulating too much, so that the copier cannot be normal charge or transfer, then require users to clean the electrode, if necessary, need to replace the new wire electrode.
When the manuscript appears weak handwriting, mainly because of the lack of powder, then only need to replace the new toner, you can achieve normal printing.
There is a stain on the background of the copy. The main reason for this failure may be that there is a stain on the glass plate or dust on each reflector, or that the toner cartridge has been used for too long or leaked powder, which may cause a stain on the background of the copy.
The solution to this problem is also very simple, only the glass plate or reflector can be cleaned, if it is because of the cartridge problem, as long as the replacement of the new cartridge, you can solve the problem.
When copying documents, the copier does not start long before the phenomenon of automatic power-off occurs
This fault occurs mainly because the fuser is out of order. After the fuser heating will produce high temperature, because the fuser has appeared fault, so in order to protect other parts from damage, the copier will appear automatically cut off, will affect the user’s normal use.
This kind of fault can not be solved by ordinary users, so it is better to send it to the designated repair site for maintenance. Because the correct treatment when power outages phenomenon probably does not cause the user, so I once again stressed that the emergence of power failure, do not take it lightly to solve the copier fault is more of an upset, after all the fault will suspend the normal use.
So, how to avoid failure is the key point. The following describes some basic maintenance tips, we can refer to.
1., first of all, how to determine whether the copier is working properly.
This is the premise to guarantee the normal use of the copier. Normally, it is easy to start the copier when it is working properly. The machine is very stable, and there is no unusual sound, and there is no excessive temperature. If in the process of the emergence of the above situation, indicating that the machine has problems, need to stop immediately to solve, and not to the serious trouble when attention.
2, always clean lenses, reflective lenses.
At the same time in the use of the process must ensure that the light source clean, do not have obstacles caused by shading, so that the light path is blocked, thereby affecting exposure, charging, transfer or power dissipation.

What is the photocopier’s use?

What is the photocopier’s use?
Electrostatic copier is an automatic office equipment, it can improve the speed of document formation, save a lot of waiting time, and bring great convenience to office work. But because of the operation of copier is a technical work, do not understand the basic principle and the structure of the machine, can not use it correctly, sometimes due to improper operation of machine damage, affect the use of. Here to buy a small network for everyone to talk about the use of copiers common sense, as well as some copier experience.
I. operation procedures of the copier
1, preheat
Press the power switch and start warming up. The panel should have the indicator light on it and wait for the signal. When the warm-up time is reached, the machine can start copying, and then there will be a copy of the signal or to inform the audio signal.
2. Check the originals
The need to get copies of the manuscript, should be read about, need to pay attention to the following aspects: the paper size, texture and color of the original manuscript, the writing on the tone, the original need binding way, the number of original and there are no pictures change the exposure of the original. These factors are related to the copying process and must be well informed. The handwriting and lines which are not clear on the manuscript should be clearly described before copying so as not to be reworked after copying. The detachable originals should be opened so as to avoid irregularities and shadows.
3, check the machine display
After the machine has been preheated, you should see whether the display on the operating panel is normal. Mainly include the following: you can copy the signal display, carton position display, copy number shown as “L”, copy density adjustment display, paper size display, all show normal, you can copy.
4. Put originals
Place the manuscript in accordance with the instructions of the glass scale of the draft stand and the size and transverse direction of the current carton. It is important to note that when you have a copy of the manuscript in sequence, you should start with the last page, so that the copy is in the correct order, otherwise it needs to be reversed.

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